Forget all the talk you’ve heard.

Johnny Depp is a victim.

Lately, you may have heard that the famous UK press, that in some eyes, might be equivalent to the National Enquirer, labeled Depp a “wife-beater” by a prissy British judge failing to see both sides of a manipulative and toxic manifesto of love, sex, lies, and retribution all by the hands of Ms. Heard.

Facts: Johnny Depp had just lost his mother.

He was distraught and in pain, he drank nearly 4 bottles of wine. In this mess, comes Heard who doesn’t understand what he’s going through. He asks her to leave, she screams. He screams back. He pushes her back out of the door.



She is a proper tool of her generation to use these tools of manipulation
and hold her ex-lover’s career hostage.

Both sides made a grave mistake trusting one another in the end, I would like to vouch for the still-quite young Depp’s career. If you have seen such performances as his in the Roman Polanski directed film, “The Ninth Gate” alongside the great Frank Langella, you would agree Depp’s work is nothing short of a cerebral journey.

His performances… transformative and groundbreaking – so strong they are commonly exploited into commercial intellectual property. Because just as you learn to fly; wounded; without the proper friends and empathy the vultures will come to feast on the flesh of the possibly-dying. It could go either way. In Depp’s private or public life – we are at a crossing. I hope
though; that if any of you have any decency – you will go against the narrative that’s been force-fed to you, of the infamous Depp. He is, like most misunderstood artists, a man of integrity who should not be tried in the court of public opinion. If any of you have had that vindictive, psychotic ex-girlfriend know that movie stars and us share a common thread in loose women.