Clinton Foundation Co-Founder Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Jail Cell

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I guess this proves “Pizza Gate” is real to all the naysayers?

The internet and social media is blowing up right now with people not believing the official story of “suicide”. You can lie to the American people, but they will not believe it.

Literally, everyone from the people you went to High School with to the person you met one time and added on social media…. no one believes the official story.

The official story is that he hanged himself in his cell, but apparently, his “camera malfunctioned”, so there is no video of him hanging himself. In the early morning hours it was called a heart attack, and not a suicide.

Journalists and other concerned citizens demanding answers.

Not a lot of believable things going on…

What do you think happened? What does your instinct tell you about this?

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