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Some favorite recipes can have a simple substitution for the main ingredient. I have fallen in love with Steak Tartare over the years. Now with a love for steak tar tare, I have learned that you cannot use meat that has been frozen at any point and that creates a challenge for trying tar tare.
You most likely have a puzzled look as to why venison tartare. Many great wild game recipes can be simple things we have enjoyed by just inserted our favorite wild game.

Also for those who enjoy their meat rare, I recommend trying raw. Executive Chef Lou Rook from Annie Gunn’s has written a wonderful cook book called “Rook Cooks”. You will find a great steak tar tare recipe on page 29.

What better way to celebrate a great deer hunt than to take the tenderloins and make Venison Tartare? For those that process their own deer this is simple, you just remove the cut. If you take your deer to a processor like I do when blessed with a harvest, ask for the tenderloin at the check in and have them place it into a plastic bag that you bring with you to the processor.

When hand cutting the meat, remove any internal skin or fat on the meat.
You will find the dish to be wonderful, which melts in your mouth like butter that has you wanting to head out into the woods for deer season. The wine parings that I recommend for this dish are Adam Puchta Norton and Maquis Cabernet Franc. Both wines compliment wild game extremely well and also will work with any traditional beef dish.

Adam Puchta Estate Norton 2011 brings you the wonderful weight of tannins with soft mouth feel of velvet. bold blackberry and black cherry aromas and flavors that are balanced by aging in French and American oak. The wine lingers on the palate with subtle notes of cocoa and toasty vanilla. The wine and venison really work well together and neither overwhelms the other through the meal. The Marquis Cabernet Franc 2016 from the Colchagua Valley, Chile offers bright red fruit on the nose with cherry flavors on the palate in the beginning. The wine has a great weigh, yet soft tannins that have a long connected chain creating a great mouth feel
finishing with dark fruit and coco. The gamey aspect of Cabernet Franc makes this wine a
great pairing to venison tar tare.

If you cannot find these wines at your local wine shop, they should special order it for you. If the wine shop does not special order it, find another wine shop.

You can purchase Chef Lou Rook’s book “Rook Cooks” at the Smokehouse Market at Annie Gunn’s or at

Catch other wine, food, and outdoor ideas at Wild Wine Life on facebook and youtube.

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