The Saint Louis Times Man of the Year: Donald J. Trump.

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Billionaire President of the free world, Donald J. Trump, is this year’s The Saint Louis Times’ man of the year.

“Trump has become the biggest voice on the biggest issues facing America, and hero to people that formally had no faith in America or heroes since the Founding Fathers” The Saint Louis Times editor-in-chief wrote.

Our publication took the time to think of which person to feature, we wanted the most influential person, group, movement or idea of the previous 12 months…

We’d like to take this time to honor the hard work of Mr. Trump.

Keeping America first and sacrificing his family name and business to do the right thing. From the new trade deals with China to peace in North Korea, no President has done more good in one term.

Exonerated from the “Russian collusion” and other bullshit excuses the DNC tries to pump through the narrative of the mainstream media.

(Russia investigation as a landmark report completely exonerating him.)

Clap your hands for the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

We look forward to further watching the journey of the hero as Trump makes America Great Again.

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