The Impossi-Boll Dream: Film Fan Writes Uwe Boll Book

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By Mat Bradley-Tschirgi

I remember it like it was yesterday: one of many weekends for me at the movies back in 2003. I had come out to watch The Ring, a popular American remake of the cult Japanese horror phenomenon Ringu, little did I know that just below it’s form on the giant marqi was a film that would call to me to deviate from from my elected plans; The House of the Dead, by a Director I’d never heard of before. Reviews promised a campy gory ode to the Sega arcade game from which it was based. My friends however, were not as convinced to change out their tickets and take a chance as I was, but the thought lingered as time would pass well beyond that day. 

I would come to eventually rent this magnum-opus known as House of the Dead on DVD the following summer with a buddy of mine in tow and was immediately blown away. Starring such luminary actors as Clint Howard (Apollo 13) and Jurgen Prochnow (Dune), House of the Dead laid bare to an epic take on the then-rare genre of the zombie films. I found myself, hooked. Immediately I trolled the video stores to purchase what Uwe Boll films I could find, lurking like some combination of the inspired and the disturbed. Some of these films, I would find, were based on popular video games (Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne), yet others were searing dramas that delved into disturbing, thought provoking themes (Blackwoods, Heart of America). I swore to myself with friends as my witness, that I would write an Uwe Boll book someday with the unfortunate working title of Uwe Gooey: A Critical Analysis of Uwe Boll’s Filmography.

After selling several movie and video game articles to websites over the years, I felt I had the experience under my belt to go ahead and write that book that had been gestating in my mind for years. Picking my way through the dragnet of Uwe Boll’s IMDB page, there were far more motion pictures to cover than would fit in one tome. It was then that I decided to divide my Uwe Boll opus into three separate volumes, with the first focusing on his 11 Video Game Movies. Many film critics found Uwe Boll to be an array of negative expletives, but I found him to be a vibrant and creative spirit behind movies that rallied against political injustice while wrapped up in an action premise, along with the occasional titty shot or two. Uwe Boll was more akin to Roger Corman than Ed Wood, and is displayed as such in my book, The Films of Uwe Boll Vol. 1: The Video Game Movies.

This amazing tome is being published and released this Friday, September 27th by Moon Books Publishing. Whether you are a newcomer to the works of Director Uwe Boll or one of his seasoned and loyal Bollites, this book will break apart the content, cutting through to the center of the themes therein, my thoughts and interpretative perspective on these ultimately dividing films. The Films of Uwe Boll Vol. 1: The Video Game Movies will be available for purchase at the link below this coming Friday. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself! 

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