The Best-Selling St. Louis Author You’ve Probably Never Heard of

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Jeff T. Bowles has sold over 500,000 copies of his books and currently has the #1 and #2 spot on Amazon UK charts for his books.

At first glance, you might think, why should I listen to Jeff T. Bowles about anything? He has no degree in any health field, in fact his only degrees are in real estate finance, a CPA, and an MBA from Northwestern University.

What are degrees really? They are just letters behind one’s name, and a piece of paper to hang on the wall that suggests to those who are not educated enough or are too lazy to intelligently evaluate the degreed person’s knowledge in the field.

However, with the advent of the internet, those days are quickly coming to an end as the public has at its fingertips all the tools and information it needs to determine if a degreed or non-degreed health consultant is for real or a fraud.

Just to keep you interested, I’ll jump out of sequence here and tell you about his first published science journal article that was published in 1998. He submitted it to the journal Medical Hypothesis based out of the UK, where the editorial board over its recent existence shared 5 Nobel prizes between the editors who included Linus Pauling, as well as several scientists knighted by the Queen of England and including Sir Karl Popper and Sir James Black. It was 7X longer than their allowed length limit of 10 pages. When he submitted it he had to tell them he had no degrees in science and was not affiliated with any institution. They all read it and it was accepted “as is” for accelerated publication because they said it was extremely exciting and of major importance. Ok so much for degrees, the Nobel prize winners could not care less about one’s degree as compared to one’s knowledge and arguments.

In fact, in that first paper of Jeff’s “The Evolution of Aging-A New Look at an Old Problem of Biology, he was the first-ever anywhere to predict that the post-age-50 rise in Luteinizing Hormone (a reproduction-related hormone) in women and men of 100’s to as much as 1,000% would be found to be the key driver of not only aging but also Alzheimer’s disease. There was no evidence for this at the time except that ibuprofen use and smoking were both associated with a reduced level of LH, as well as reduced Alzheimer’s disease incidence-but this was all he needed as his theory pointed in this direction before he even stumbled upon these facts. Well, it turns out that evidence started trickling in, and by the year 2005 a startup company named Voyager Pharmaceuticals spent $50 million testing Lupron in people with Alzheimer’s. Lupron suppresses LH. Well lo and behold it worked in a group of 50 women in a Phase II trial. Lupron injections prevented further decline from early Alzheimer’s while the control group declined 6 points on a special scale over the 6-month period it was tested. Finally, in 2010 the US government’s NIH jumped on the bandwagon and described how giving patients anti-gonadotropins (LH is known as a gonadotropin) directly reduced the amount of neurodegeneration seen…see-CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets. 2010 Nov;9(5):651-60.

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor system: modulatory role in aging and neurodegeneration.

Another crazy prediction he made in that 1998 paper was that aging would be controlled at the cellular level by the action of little proteins and/or molecules that cover up your DNA when you are young (like insulation on a copper wire) but are lost with age, allowing expression of pro-aging genes that make you old and sick. he was mercilessly ridiculed for this prediction by the evolutionary biology community because it was well known at the time that aging could never have been selected for by evolution because it prevented the spread of one’s genes! Anyway, what happened? Yep- He was proven right again around 2010 when Stanford’s Thomas Rando published the first paper (after my 1998 paper) suggesting that aging was controlled by epigenetics (just a fancy term for the proteins and molecules that act as insulation and cover your DNA): see-

Exp Gerontol. 2010 Apr;45(4):253-4. doi: 10.1016/j.exger.2009.12.007. Epub 2009 Dec 23.

Epigenetics and aging.

Rando TA

So, the bottom line is that Jeff T. Bowles has done so much research that he was making correct (and outlandish) predictions about 12 years ahead of everybody else considering the problems he was working on. Which most would think that gives him a little street cred to make up for my lack of official credentials-don’t you?

Let’s get back to the timeline. Does he have a genetic propensity to do well in medicine and research? A quick look at his family tree reveals that his grandfather was a Stanford educated MD, Frank H. Bowles. And so were his three sons, Frank Jr., Joseph and William Bowles (his father), all Stanford educated MDs. So, it obviously runs through his blood and veins, and he really cannot get away from it even if he wanted to!

He tried in college to get away from medicine and follow in his other grandfather’s footsteps, a lawyer/real estate developer in St. Louis. And he made a good go of it. Getting a degree in real estate finance and passing the CPA exam and earning my MBA from the #1 MBA school in the country at the time, Northwestern University all by the age of 24. And he went right into real estate development in Chicago and stuck with it very hard for about 4 years and made quite a bit of money by starting his own company at age 25. But he felt something was missing and guess what, he went back to the University of Illinois to study biology with the specific goal in mind to find treatments for aging-related diseases and conditions. You’d guess genes are destiny after all! He took one class per semester so he could learn the material better than anyone else, and he set the curve in almost all his classes by a wide margin which was full of very hard-working premeds. They must have hated him!

He was about one class shy of getting his biochem degree and then dropped out! Why? Degrees were not important to him, He was after knowledge and results, and was no longer learning anything he felt was as valuable as what he could learn on his own by reading medical journal articles at the Northwestern medical school library! At this point he was fully retired from real estate with plenty of money, so he spent the next 10 years working on his quest of defeating aging related diseases by often spending sometimes 7 days a week and 12 hours a day in the Northwestern med school library!

So yes, you can still ask what medical/science degree does Jeff Bowles have? And the answer is still none…but as you can see, he has done what likely no other doctor or researcher has ever done. He has spent 10 years in a fever, working on the big picture, the big puzzle of all the studies done, and reported by scientists and doctors to try to put them all together into the REAL BIG PICTURE.

You see doctors get an MD behind their name and you think they know so much more than you but what do they learn really? Years of med school, and then most of them are off to work to earn and not learn. What do they learn? Many years ago, they would have learned that washing your hands before surgery was just quackery. And before that, they would have learned that bloodletting was a cure for almost anything. In modern days they learn that everyone should stay out of the sun and use sunscreen because it can give you skin cancer (this latest falsehood promoted by med schools has led to the many exploding epidemics we see in the population since 1980 such as autism, obesity, asthma MS, cancers, etc. etc.…). So, they get 4 years of some 1/2

correct knowledge passed down to them along with the knowledge that will in the future may be laughed at as superstition and ignorance.

By avoiding medical school and being extensively self-taught, he developed into a medical consultant that harbors none of these superstitions or incorrect beliefs that are still promoted by med schools. There are very few out there like him, maybe just a handful such as Ray Peat, Ray Sahelian, Bill Sardi, Dr. Mercola, and Ward Dean. Each is experts with way more information than typical doctors or researchers in various areas, but in some important areas, he has them all beat.

But don’t let his lack of a medical degree put you off, He has consulted with many doctors who have followed my advice to cure various problems that they were unable to cure themselves with their medical training and Big Pharma’s drugs. More on this later…

How about research scientists? Should you unquestioningly follow their advice and results of their research studies? He thinks of researchers as producers of small puzzle pieces of a tiny portion of the big picture. Studies take so much time that almost all researchers devote most of their time to creating a few puzzle pieces and then putting them up for the show and tell at research conferences. It is an odd state of affairs; very few scientists work on theory, and many ridicule the idea of doing anything other than lab work. In fact, there is really only one medical journal devoted to the main theory called Medical Hypotheses- almost all the rest are dedicated to presenting research results from studies!

It is such a sad state of affairs in fact, that in his book about Vitamin D3 he made the bold claim that anyone could cure any disease in 30 minutes or less (or 30 days or less if it was a tough puzzle to solve) by simply reviewing all the data in the Pub Med medical study database. This database has abstracts (summaries) of almost all the medical research that has been conducted and written about in science journals since 1967. After years of researching this database, He concluded that almost all the research has already been done to figure out almost any disease known to man. There just isn’t anybody looking at all the puzzle pieces and trying to put them together!

A few years back (2012) he was challenged to put up or shut up by a person with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). They had emailed him to ask if he thought high dose Vitamin D3 would help them. He did a little research and determined that it was not likely to help. He went a step further and decided to see if he could find a cure for ALS in 30 days or less, so he started reading all 14,000 or so abstracts that mentioned the term ALS, going back to the first one in the database.

He was able to go through about 300 per day, he would save the interesting ones by copying them into his emails to himself. Maybe 10 or 15 per 100 were worth saving…The older abstracts discussed at length how there were very high levels of ALS in some Pacific islands. At first, they showed it was associated with eating fruit bats which the islanders like to put in a soup!! Then later they found the excess ALS was associated with eating certain fruits (Cycads) from a certain area. Then later it was suggested ALS might be contagious passing from husband to wife. And then even later abstracts stated that the excess ALS in the islands no longer existed!! It was quite a puzzle…because outside of the Pacific islands there were no real pockets of excess ALS to look at except for the cases of inherited familial ALS which only made up about 10% of ALS patients. And it tended to be seen in athletes more than other people. ALS remained mysterious and of unknown origin.

What is really bad about ALS is that it kills its victims on average 2 to 4 years after the first diagnosis in about 90% of the cases. There are about 10% of ALS victims who can survive 10 years or more. So, after a few weeks of all-day searching, he was starting to think maybe ALS was insolvable. But one fact kept popping up every now and then which he found interesting but did not ponder too much initially – the sex ratio of ALS patients was 4 to 1 male to female. That should have been a big red alert!! He thinks he was stuck on the idea ALS was triggered by an outside insult. Which indeed may be true…. He had come to the conclusion that there might be 1,000 different ways to injure your nerves so that someday you get ALS.

Finally, one day, about 3 weeks in, after he saw a certain fact pop up, maybe for the second time, after he had reviewed about 7,000 of the 14,000 abstracts.

THE KEY PUZZLE PIECE!>>It was that the sex ratio of ALS patients changes from 4 to 1 male to female in the younger years, to 1 to 1 after age 60! BINGO! He had it solved, it had to be hormonally triggered by a reduction of one of the hormones that decline in women at the age of menopause. There were two obvious candidates, estrogen and progesterone. Because estrogen remains higher than progesterone levels (which crash to 0 in many cases after menopause) He focused on progesterone. It turns out that progesterone is the most neuroprotective substance known to man and women’s’ high progesterone levels explain why women recover from the same brain injury that a male may get at a much faster and better pace. Women have much higher lifetime progesterone levels than males, so if progesterone protects from ALS, this explained the 4 to1 M/F sex ratio. During menopause (age 50) a woman’s progesterone crashes to zero in many cases, this then would explain the changing sex ratio around age 60 (the sex ratio probably starts dropping after age 50 but really gets noticeable by age 60 when it hits 1 to 1).

So, he came up with the following conclusion about ALS- there might be 1,000’s of ways to damage your nerves enough to cause ALS, but there is only one way you are protected from such damage, by having sufficient levels of progesterone in your system. If this is true, it suggests a way that football players and other athletes might be able to protect themselves from traumatic brain injury syndrome. Football players should supplement with progesterone! Definity after a concussion and after retirement and maybe even all the time while playing!

Well is there any proof that this idea is correct?

At the time he came up with it, no, so he wrote a “pseudo book” explaining the theory and many of the facts he considered to come up with the conclusion. It is still available on Amazon. Anyway, about a year after he published the book, some Korean researchers using a mouse model of ALS discovered that progesterone injections at the dose of 4mg per kg, for the most part, stopped ALS in its tracks and increased their lifespans from the mouse equivalent of 2 to 4 human years to the equivalent of 17 human years! Oddly a higher dose of 8mg/kg, and a lower dose 2mg/kg had no effect-so this is an area for further study to find the right human dose.

So, it looks like his brag was true, after 3 weeks of research he had found what may be the cure or at least the first effective treatment for ALS. Just checking Pub Med now there have been a few more studies concerning progesterone and ALS, and the most recent studies had success in stopping the progression of ALS with allopregnanolone (a reduced metabolite of progesterone) and another study identified 4 different substances that were expected to be helpful in treating ALS, progesterone, estradiol (estrogen), resveratrol, and acetaminophen (in addition to 13 different microRNAs that have to be made in the lab).

And more recently, he found some old data that is very hard to find that there was a latitude gradient in ALS. The number of cases tends to increase the further one moves from the equator where the sun is strongest. This suggests

that there might also be a Vitamin D3 connection to ALS (your skin makes Vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight) and that high dose Vitamin D3 might also be a valuable treatment in addition to progesterone.

Finally, a doctor Tim Ioaniddes, a dermatologist, contacted me and said he had read my book and took me up on the “a cure for any disease can be found by using the PubMed database in 30 days or less”. Tim said he started looking for a cure for skin cancer and within a few weeks came up with the idea of treating skin cancer with human HPV vaccine injections into the tumors. He tried it on a 97-year-old lady who had so many skin cancers on her leg that she was not a candidate for surgery. In 11 months after 4 courses of injections, all of the tumors completely resolved!

Here is a video link about it

In 2010, Jeff T. Bowles began a series of ebook bestsellers to publish health issues that deal with the problem of healing and aging from an evolutionary perspective. By joining the simple logic of evolution with a large number of diverse facts as well as the results of his 25-year-old private research, Jeff was able to demonstrate a wide range of new, simple and very effective ways to relieve many chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, asthma or age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS. Jeff was the first person who could show in a rat experiment (1997-2001) that rats whose water intake is restricted, live significantly longer (even longer than restricting food). 1998 in the journal Medical Hypotheses his article “The Evolution of Aging – A New Approach to an Old Problem of Biology” was published.

Later he published two other articles. His hypothesis that the suppression of a certain hormone can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, resulted in the founding of the company Voyager Pharmaceuticals, which showed in a 50-Million dollar project, that the suppression of the hormone LH in women actually prevented the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In his proto-book about ALS he predicted in January of 2013 that progesterone would be the first effective treatment for ALS ever. Six months later some Korean researchers showed that progesterone dramatically extended the lives of male mice in a mouse model of ALS-the equivalent of 17 human years whereas most ALS patients only survive 2 to 4 years.

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