Sasha’s on Shaw Closed Until Further Notice

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By Anthony Rogers

I want to start with saying that at The Saint Louis Times, we don’t like covering shootings in the city of Saint Louis. Because well, that’s all other press is. The other publications in our town are basically just obituaries with coupons. And our original rules and ideology on making this a better paper forbid it, so we’re going to take the angle of the story, just the reported facts… and then at the end you can reach out and donate to the shooting victim to help with his hospital bills. We ask that if you cannot afford to donate right now, don’t, but please share this article to help raise more money for him. Please and thank you.

On September 14th at around 10pm, a man named Chris was shot in the face and two others were hit by the bullet fragments at a popular wine bar in south St. Louis City named Sasha’s on Shaw.

He went there with his significant other Katie to celebrate the recent engagement of a friend. It was their first time there.

Katie said she believes the shooting was intentional, but she does not know why or who would have or could have done it or if they had known they’d come into the city for the night.

Sasha’s announced the bar will be temporarily closed until further notice.

This note is currently on the door.

The 36 year old, Chris, was breathing but not conscious when officers arrived. He was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and his vitals were unstable. Police talk like it appears that he will survive.

At this time, there is no suspect on who committed this horrendous act, but if you or anyone knows anything, please contact Crime Stoppers, you can remain anonymous.  (866-371-TIPS).

Click the following link to help donate to the GoFundMe Page for living expenses while Chris is in the hospital to allow his lady Katie to stay by his side.  The money will also go to cover any medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

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