No one in the world believes the official Epstein death story

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If most of America can agree on two things, it is that The Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is an awesome movie. The second is that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Not even the dumbest person you know in real life or on the internet believes the official story of 66-year-old, pretend billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein. A man that sold very young women to high ranking people across the world (exposed in his flight log to his pedophile Island).

But another layer of the story is Dr. Baden, the doctor that performed the autopsy is saying that it looks like he was murdered.

Dr. Baden, the doctor that oversaw the autopsy, said: “Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,”.

“I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” the 85-year-old medical legend.

And it goes further to where the body found and being wheeled out on this gurney may not even be Epstein…

People from the prison claim a white van came late and that Epstein was wheeled to in a wheelchair that he was handcuffed to. Which might explain why people don’t think the nose and ears match Jeffrey Epstein.

People on the internet think that the nose and the ears of the body found in Epstein’s cage do not match the ears and nose of Jeffrey Epstein.

Another theory is that the photo was staged/photoshopped…

Then there were security cameras that were supposed to be recording the cell and the hallway outside, to see who went in and out.

On the day Epstein was found dead, the prison security had experienced a “total breakdown”.

Or at least that was the excuse that was released to the public.

So there is no actual footage in a major prison in a major city of what happened in that cell.

It was also determined that the two guards who were supposed to be working in that area of the prison had allegedly fallen asleep and hadn’t made their 30-minute rounds for more than 3 hours.

Justice Department documents reveal that guards at the federal prison in Manhattan where child sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself are notorious for not watching high-risk, high-profile inmates and have even helped other smuggle in contraband.

This is a layout of Epstein’s cell, it doesn’t even look like he could have done any real damage to himself in a bare cell with paper light sheets and no light fixture.

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