Nicki Minaj Announced Her Retirement and Life Stopped Being Worth Living

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Nothing has been the same since Nicki Minaj announced her retirement yesterday. Food doesn’t taste the same and the world seems like a mundane soundless place. Nicki made the little things in life worth doing. Like drinking water, eating food, and the annoying every day maintenance of staying alive.

I have not stopped crying since this tweet.

My room is slowly turning into Noah’s flood from all of the tears running down my face from the saddness. This is like hearing John Lennon died twice to me. Or hearing that Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney Love, again… Or Fat Elvis dying on two toliets or something. The Queen of music is gone. There will be no more amazing symphonies. No more sonnets. No more Nicki Minaj music.

Please tell me this isn’t true?

Please tell me that this is a glitch in the matrix and that the only musician worth making music isn’t retiring!

I cannot take one more day of this cruel world without Nicki Minaj. She made everything better. Everything.

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