Messy People Are More Productive

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by Amy Head

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who live with structure and order.

And everyone else.

We all know at least one individual who works in complete chaos. Papers here, notes there. Random objects are strewn about. This same individual just happens to know exactly where everything is. Need the Jone’s report? No problem. Look under the pile of folders on the chair by the desk, it’s under a stack of papers on the far, left corner of an unsteady tower of papers. No matter how messy their workspace or environment is, they seem to be as productive as ever. How can someone so disorganized get anything done?

It’s one of the common traits that productive people share. Einstein and Edison were known for having less than organized work environments. They both exhibited their creative genius on work planned out on those very desks. To those who believe that productivity starts with organization, I would like to share with you, some of these psychological studies regarding
messy people.

People who are messy, are more empathic and open-minded. They are not conforming to placate society. While those with an organized desk tend to encourage conventional beliefs and require structure to produce a high amount of productivity. These individuals take the safe bet and follow practical guidelines to help in understand prioritizing. Whereas individuals with messy desks are problem solvers, tend to take calculated risks because of their self-reliance and
quick thinking allows them creative freedom to alter their guidelines.
Messy people can work anywhere. They are not prone to letting interruptions sway their laser focus. They are extremely adaptable and are able to work in foreign environments. Though it would seem, that people who are organized will work faster, this is not the case. Messy people tend to make split-second decisions with more clarity.

Organized people rely on information that is able to be referenced externally. Disorganized people generally rely on memory.
Therefore, eliminating the steps needed to find referenced materials.
Disorganized people are often frowned upon in the work environment. And in some instances,
for good reasons.

Certain jobs require personality traits that adhere to organization. There is no particular type of personality that will prove that one is more effective than the other. But the myth that organized people are more effective is only relative to their line of work.
The next time you walk past a co-worker’s desk, remember, that organizational skills are not
indicative of quality work.

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