Jeff Bezos hires only women so he can pay them less.

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Billionaire American internet and aerospace entrepreneur, media proprietor, and investor, Jeff Bezos. He is best known as the founder, Chief executive officer, and president of, Inc.

Amazon spokesman was reported saying, “It’s cool that I figured out not paying taxes, but I wanted to pay people less. So, I just hired women.”. The owner of Amazon is going to start only hiring women in mid-2020. We think around September.

This should be a vast improvement to their spending as a company. The plan is to pay them less hourly, and not give them full time, benefits or proper raises.

Amazon is going to be a lot cleaner as women love to clean, but we’ll see if they can actually do a job outside of their house.

“Yeah, those feminists really made a lot of sense. If women get paid less, I only want to hire women…” Bezos told us in an interview.

Let’s face it, women are stupid anyway. Who cares?

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