How To Nail An Interview with No Experience.

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By Amy Head

Learn everything you can about the company you are interviewing for.
Google the company. Learn everything you can about them. Do they sell a product or service? Are they a
subsidiary? Knowing what the company does helps you tailor your conversation around their product.
Do they sell raw materials? Well, learn what raw materials they make. It will show your future employer
that you are serious about working for them.
Make a great resume.
So, your last job was an assistant clown and you answered the phone to set up parties? No, you were an assistant activities coordination expert, specializing in customer service and retaining clientele through marketing. Whatever job or career you may have had, has a set of skills that you have acquired. How
you choose to word them can make or break a really well put together resume.
Show up early and bring money for the meter or parking garage.
Always allow yourself extra time when interviewing. If you have more than one interview in a day, do not schedule them too close together. At no time is it appropriate to leave an interview early. Nor is it appropriate to be late. Traffic is not an excuse. And in some instances, you will be parking in a company parking garage or need to pay a meter. It is not ok to ask the person interviewing you for reimbursement. You can ask the secretary for parking validation.
Dress for the interview.
If you are looking to land a corporate job, don’t walk in wearing khakis. Males, this means a suit. Blue is the standard for a business interview. This includes an ironed set of slacks, button-down shirt, jacket, tie and belt and shoes. Always, make sure that your shoes are clean and polished. And the most successful
people will tell you that employers will take notice if you wear a watch.
Be trainable.
An employer isn’t necessarily looking for the most qualified candidate, and if you are trying to get a job that has available training. You could be competing with another candidate for the same job. What will set you apart from the other person is the fact that you are trainable. An employer is likely to look at the overall interview. If you ask questions that have to do with the information the employer gives you during the interview, you are 10 times more likely to be considered than the guy who seems to know everything. Asking meaningful questions helps you understand the job you are trying to get. It also gives insight to the individual interviewing you, helping them access your level of understanding and you efficiently process information. It also tells the employer that you are trainable.

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