Gandhi was a creepy cunt.

Billy Conforto
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Gandhi is best known for his nonviolent stance against the British.

What people don’t know is he is also a creepy cunt.

Here are a few examples as to why.

  • He gave young female followers enemas daily, and had them perform enemas and nude massages on him.
  • He also had young female followers fight each other for the honor of sleeping nude next to him while he would practice abstinence. (Psycho)
  • Gandhi let his wife die….she reportedly came down with pneumonia and he refused to let doctors treat her with penicillin, which would have saved her life, but his faggot ass didn’t believe in western medicine and instead opted to try faith healing which didn’t work.
  • Gandhi was a huge hypocrite….after letting his wife die, he came down with malaria. But guess what happened next…he fucking took the western medicine and it saved his bitch ass.
  • Gandhi even expressed support and praise for Hitler on multiple occasions, “Hitler is not a bad man” is an exact quote from a letter he wrote to the viceroy of India, and in a letter to the British people he wrote “let the nazis take your beautiful island.”
  • Gandhi was a horrible family man. He compared his wife’s face to that of a ‘meek cow’. He also refused to educate his children and disowned his first son for wanting to get married.
  • Gandhi was a shit bag cunt waffle and I’m glad he’s dead.

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