Emily Johnson sings the National Anthem for the Saint Louis Blues

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 By Erik Neumann

   Less than a week to go Blues fans. Everybody is getting excited over the Justin Faulk trade and Im one of them. The main thing I find myself getting excited about is the National Anthem.  

That’s right. It gave me a bunch of joy last year watching Charles Glenn sing his last Anthem.  It was fun and sad at the same time. He had been doing a great job for so long and now it’s time to pass the torch. But who can take on such an overwhelming task?     

Stepping into some massive shoes is Emily Johnson. She didnt look nervous at all in that little blue dress. Everything sounded perfect and the crowd had a general buzz after her performance.     Its a lot different watching somebody other than Charles belt out notes. It took me a little bit of time, but after a couple of moments I told myself, “I could get used to her singing for the Blues.”     

I’m rooting for you Emily and so is St. Louis.

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