Does Crime Pay?

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By Ralph Griffith

Does Crime Pay? It has been said that many a fortune, or dynasty began by the criminal exploits of the founder.

Look at the Kennedys begun by the Irish Gangster Joe Kennedy. I remember a lawsuit against Facebook’s founder who allegedly borrowed $1,000.00 with the promise of part of the company. The settlement was never disclosed to my knowledge.

Many a great fortune was stolen, people murdered, starved and abused. Once that fortune is obtained–its easy to clean up the past with falsehoods and lies. I always liked Dostoyevski’s “Crime and Punishment” Raskolnikov the poor student who murders an old woman and her sister in a botched robbery, spoke of the psychological justification of poverty or wealth determined simply behind whether one had the daring to risk all or nothing behind one stroke of daring; using Napolean as his prime example of justification.

Think, if you will of your own life–and what you would dare–or not dare to risk for your legacy.

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The author spent a total of 30 years in federal prisons for bank robberies. When he entered prison 14 years ago he decided to write. Seven years before his release because of heart problems he was transferred to FCI Butner which was a medical center and a psychiatric center as well. Along with the author living in a small 60 man unit was Bernie Madoff, Jonathon Pollard, Nicky Scarfo, Carmine Persico, and serial killer Larry Hall. In the authors mind he was in a giant nut house/Monkey House. He spent 4 years putting Monkey House together.

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