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By Amy Head

Have you ever met someone you instantly liked to be around? People like to be liked. Acceptance empowers us and brings us inner peace, making us feel supported and valued. This vital part of self-growth and in understanding human behavior. It helps you to grasp the reality of the situation and understanding how social interactions are processed psychologically. 

Body language, your disposition, and the way you speak to others, effect the way others will perceive you. Likability isn’t about looks, or status, it’s in the way you communicate. It can help you to gain employment, improve productivity and make meaningful friendships. Whether it is intentional or subconsciously; there are a few factors that can improve or diminish social acceptance. Try these proven techniques to gain culpability in social exchange.

Ask questions and share ideas to find similarities. People like to discuss their own interests, so naturally, when you share an interest, point of view. This helps you to find a something you have in common.

 Share social signals. Using body language such as smiling, making eye contact, and nodding are some of the nonverbal cues that express that you are actively listening, and your level of interest. It is important to make sure your nonverbal cues do not contradict your verbal cues. 

Be genuine. Do not try to be something you are not. It should be organic. If you need to fake a behavior to be liked, you are not using your social cues. You are robbing yourself of self-acceptance. Being comfortable with yourself makes it easier to be genuine. 

Control your insecurities. Self-deprecating may seem harmless, but this is a form of deflection. Doing it often only highlights your flaws and becomes annoying to others. These make you very unlikeable.

Be Humble. Being humble does not mean that you are submissive or passive in nature. It is having modesty, without excess pride, and having the ability to objectively evaluate yourself. It is essential to personal growth, self-control, and to allow others to succeed with you. They call this a “win-win”.

In closing, likability is centered around one key ingredient. Communication. Effective interpretation of social signals will depend greatly on your ability to actively listen, process information, and your ability to read to one’s social signals. Next time you communicate, make sure you are showing your social signals and using some of these techniques. Being a well-liked person is not only uplifting, it is a foundation for success.

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