Coca-Cola Pledges All Bottles To Be Plant-Based By 2025.

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Coca Cola, Carlsberg, and L’Oréal are a few of the companies supporting the “Paper Bottle Project.” To replace the packaging with something more recyclable. The initiative aims at developing and implementing plant-based biodegradable bottles by 2023.

Three Dutch companies have joined forces to develop the eco-friendly plastics, called PEF,  using plant sugars. PEF will be used to line compostable cardboard bottles, replacing the use of traditional plastics.

Hundreds of tons of plastic are created each year using fossil fuels. This is a major contributor to the global climate crisis. Unfortunately, most plastic around the world is not recycled and some microplastics can take thousands of years to breakdown. 

Below is a video from Coca Cola that covers some highlights of how they are making more sustainable products.

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