Co-Worker Who Spent Weekend Sniffing Coke Off Nightclub Toilet Won’t Eat Chinese Food

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Tower Grove paralegal, Katie (27) is currently in a state of panic, as she does her best to steer the girlfriends towards a new option for dinner tonight.

“It’s not like I’m paranoid haha,” she said.

“I’m not fully avoiding public places… It’s just like, haha, I’m also not trying to Coronavirus either.”

According to Katie, who spent last Saturday night snorting lines of cocaine smuggled into the United States via a Mexican hooker’s asshole and given to her by a married real estate agent, who wouldn’t give her his real name, off the damp toilet at a dodgy nightclub – Chinese restaurants are pretty high risk.

“I’m just playing it safe,” says Tara, who is currently fasting and on her 5th coffee this morning.

“I just wish the girls would pick somewhere less risky for a catch-up. It doesn’t need to be a Chinese restaurant, we could go on to like the casino or on a cruise or something”

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