City of Saint Louis rebuilding weather control device.

Bruce Sweeten
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The City of Saint Louis government has officially responded to the demands of tax payers. The people want their weather machine back.

“The people have had enough. We are withdrawing over here. We need our snowcaine and our pumpkin spice snowcaine. I need to speak to a manager about this, right now.” – Karen, 33

The City management has issued the following response: “Rest assured peasants, We will not put gas in our Lamborghini’s or visit our beach houses until we rebuild the weather machine beneath the Arch. We understand after a long while you want your snowcaine. You shall have it within weeks or we will personally push our Lamborghini’s(that you paid for) out of our planes(that you also paid for).”

The unnamed city official also responded to our inquiry about the snowcaine. He said “It’s pure af fam. I haven’t slept in months. I see smells and hear colors” .

Brace yourselves, snowcaine is coming.
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