Chronic Illnesses, Autoimmune Diseases and Me…

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By Ashlee North

This is me back before this all began.

Diagnosis Letter

Please find in this note the dates of my diagnosis as evidence of my chronic illnesses, diseases, and afflictions, which have caused me to be permanently, totally disabled, and incapable of working now or in the future.

My first DIAGNOSIS was in JANUARY 2016, regarding my gastrointestinal issues, where many polyps and obstructions were diagnosed by Gastroenterologist.

These appointments and hospital procedures were the beginning of our exploration into my extremely fast health decline and we were looking for reasons for my constant Diahorrea, bowel, intestine and debilitating pains, WHICH PERSIST CHRONICALLY UNTO THIS DAY.

Many blood test results show ongoing HASHIMOTO’S  HYPOTHYROIDISM  AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE -for which my medication has  been significantly increased since I was DIAGNOSED IN MARCH 2016. (Specialist Doctor – since retired ) and I began taking Antidepressants for my DIAGNOSIS OF MAJOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY (related to Hashimotos Auto-Immune) in FEBRUARY 2016. In August 2016 we discovered and I was DIAGNOSED with DEŔANGED LIVER FUNCTION after blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound and I have had a follow-up ultrasound and further confirmation in NOVEMBER 2018.

I’m now on a restricted diet and medication. DIAGNOSED WITH MENIERE’S DISEASE in June/July 2017 (approx) –  including vertigo, dizziness, balance issues, fatigue, and nausea.  DIAGNOSIS of CHRONIC NEUROPATHIC PAIN was DIAGNOSED in July 2017 after Hospital Emergency Department visits, Multiple Cat Scans, X-rays, ECGs, Wearing a Halter Monitor for 24 hours and Doctor’s visits. At this time I was also DIAGNOSED with FREQUENT CARDIAC EPTOPICS. UNCONTROLLED DIABETES DIAGNOSED in MAY 2018 (at life-threatening blood sugar levels of 33) for which we are adjusting medications and still trying to control. FREQUENT COLLAPSE, FATIGUE, AND DIZZINESS have led to appointments at Medical Imaging for an MRI  to ascertain neurological brain involvement in my collapses, chronic headache, neuropathic pain, and constant dizziness.

I am to have an EEG in the New Year TO ASCERTAIN DIAGNOSIS with Neurologist. IN JULY 2018 MY HUSBAND WAS FORCED TO CEASE WORK AND BECOME MY FULL-TIME CARER. (Centrelink Supported)HYPERLIPIDEMIA / Very high Cholestrol  DIAGNOSED in October 2018.HYPERTENSION / Dangerously high BLOOD PRESSURE DIAGNOSIS NOVEMBER 2018. For my Major Depression and anxiety, 

I attended Psychologist appointments, with the reports from consultation confirming my previous DIAGNOSIS in 2016.

Until 4 years ago I never needed any tablets. Now I’m on so many medications.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, which is not controlled as yet…in addition to having Hashimotos Auto-Immune disease,  Meniere’s disease, Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Deranged liver problems, exhaustingly painful muscle aches, Chronic explosive Diahorrea, Debilitating Fatigue, Collapses at least three times a week and constant dizziness and memory lapses along with Major Depression and anxiety, HYPERTENSION and HYPERLIPIDEMIA.

Both my Doctor & I agree I am overcome by the symptoms of these many conditions to the point of truly being unable to live “normally” ever again. Other than to go to Doctor appointments I have barely left the house since Christmas Eve 2017.

I can no longer trust my body, as I collapse, have sudden explosive bowel movements, & extreme fatigue every single day, along with all the other symptoms which now rule & debilitate my body.

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