China’s Coronavirus Lies Pile Up

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“A Department of Homeland Security analysis has concluded that China hid the early spread of the coronavirus so it could hoard medical equipment, keeping it from other countries that would have bought it if they had known of the danger that was coming their way from Wuhan,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.
“Specifically, DHS found, with 95% statistical confidence, that changes to China’s personal protective equipment import and export behavior were highly abnormal and not random.”
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“Vice President Mike Pence’s close personal relationship with governors of both parties has been a key to the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic.” Drawing on his experience as a governor, the Vice President hosts regular calls with state leaders to discuss everything from testing to ventilators, Matthew Boyle writes for Breitbart.
“A steady stream of unflattering revelations, beginning with a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general into egregious FISA abuses last December, has relentlessly pounded the reputation of my former agency. Now, further irrefutable proof emerges that a small cabal of FBI headquarters decision-makers was hellbent on undoing a presidency,” former FBI official James Gagliano writes in the Washington Examiner.
The U.S. bulk-power system “is increasingly a target of foreign adversaries seeking to commit malicious acts, including malicious cyber activities.” President Trump’s latest executive order allows the Department of Energy to swiftly take action to defend our critical power system against these foreign attacks, White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro writes for Fox News
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