All You Need to Know About Hong Kong Protests (2019)

The five demands of the protest… Full withdrawal of the extradition bill 徹底撤回送中修例 An independent commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality 成立獨立調查委員會 追究警隊濫暴 Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters” 取消暴動定性 Amnesty for arrested protesters 撤銷對今為所有反送中抗爭者控罪 Dual universal suffrage, meaning for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive […]

Cancel Culture Causes Cancer

Staff Writer

“Cancel Culture” is the American corporate brainwashing buzzword tactic to use social media to make it “uncool” to use free speech and free will, a way for nerds in Silicon Valley along with corporations to go around the First Amendment’s “Free Speech” and “Freedom of Press”. The U.S. First Amendment […]

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