Cancel Culture Causes Cancer

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“Cancel Culture” is the American corporate brainwashing buzzword tactic to use social media to make it “uncool” to use free speech and free will, a way for nerds in Silicon Valley along with corporations to go around the First Amendment’s “Free Speech” and “Freedom of Press”.

The U.S. First Amendment only stops the U.S. Government from limiting our speech and press, so entities outside of “the government” are using that as a loophole to limit freedom and speech. Since technically, only the U.S. Government is written in law about not being able to limit free speech and press. So this means that corporations like for example, the place you work can be like “do not talk about this”… the classic Religion and politics. Religion and politics unite people, they do not want people united. They want people to repeat scripts and a company does not like what you say, you can be fired for your opinion. Which is what the American Founding Fathers did not want. They did not want your livelyhood to be ruined by someone with an opinion pretending like a rule maker. If someone is offended by a word, they are weak. If someone is offended by a word, they are not a rule maker and refrafter of the American Constitution.  Also, you can use a website and have an opinion that “someone doesn’t like” and now somehow that opinion can make a rule against words. Which again, is the entire reason the First Amendment even exists.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” (First Amendment). So it only limits the U.S. Congress from limiting our First Amendment rights. We need to add “Congress, Corporations, and no other person, people, or entity shall make a law…” Instead of just Congress before we lose our country to a bunch of slave driving fascists exploiting loopholes. We need to fix this before we lose all of our rights to corporations, lobbyists, and the pharmaceutical companies. They tend to be the ones with the most money, think of who can afford Superbowl ads.

People are being tricked into getting rid of their rights. While they think they are so trendy and cutting edge. “Cancel Culture” basically just gives voiceless losers a voice no one wants to hear. Which is why they were voiceless to begin with. The youth and sadly, people in general are being talked to like how you would manipulate a dog into doing what you want them to do. Tone of voice, sarcasm and funny/witty sentences are used to persuade people of point of view. Like basic Signmund Frued influenced Edward Bernays marketing or branding as people like to lovingly call it. To feel like they are part of this movement or something. When really it is a disinformation tactic against the American people. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

If you think someone does not have the right to say something, you are wrong. As a person. And are an enemy of the American people. You are violating the Bill of Rights and most likely are too dumb to realize it.

Silicon Valley betrayed this country and the world and is continuing to pretend to be our “moral voice” when they just want to push their stupid and inane agendas on everyone without our say. Giving warrantless searches and seizures to police, deleting members of the press and press company account violating Freedom of the Press and deleting people whose opinion they do not agree with while cleverly calling it “Cancel Culture”.

In the 1960’s they used “lone gunman” to get rid of John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and anyone else that talked of equality and peace. Now they just delete their social media and limit their reach. Like shadow bans or how they dealt with Alex Jones. To silence them. The government can somehow freeze your bank, your paypal, delete your mailchimp account, delete your instagram, your twitter, your facebook, your email account and so on and so forth for disagreeing with someone with a fan base.

“Anthony Rogers is one of the new breed of internet personalities, who has built up a celebrity status due to his comedy tours, his podcast, and work in the film industry. He has already gained over 70,000 followers on his own profile on Instagram over the last year after his verified Facebook with over 1 million followers was deleted for sharing Mark Zuckerberg’s home address in protest of major corporations sharing everyone’s personal data to the highest bidder” (ABC7) 

I am personally banned from Uber, have been deleted at 1 million+ people on Facebook, and know several other people in the same situation. They do not care about our freedom or our Free Will and the American Dream is becoming a lie. It is becoming a disgusting country ran by low I.Q. junkies from Silicon Valley, and pharmaceutical industry. They are running the narrative and using “Cancel Culture” as a trendy excuse for teenagers that are too stupid to understand what is going on and what is at stake. They control what you see in your newsfeed and who can be in your newsfeed.

There are no reasonable rebuttals this that makes sense to me. No reasonable rebuttals for getting rid of someone or something someone says in a country that preaches “Land of the Free”. There are no limits to Free Speech and there are no repercussions for words that you say. If there are, they are Unconstitutional. Anyone that says otherwise is brainwashed and would have been shot by Thomas Jefferson on the spot. We are the All Star team and people from around the world come here to be free from their stupid and tyranical countries. We are the only English speaking world to stand up to Monarchy and it took a bunch of pissed off farmers to win. Because good always wins. And we need to remain that or end up like the countries that people are fleeing from.

Americans need to stop falling victim to brain washing tactics like “cancel culture” before people from the future look back and think about what a sorry bunch of losers we are and how it must have been the high flouride content in the water that affected so many people into doing so many dumb things. I think that people have their heart in the right place, but not their brains. If they used logic over emotion they would understand more than parroting headlines and internet memes.

In closing, I have been personally affected by “Cancel Culture” as it went after my shirt sales, my ticket sales, and my livelihood as an artist. Just for being brave enough to fight back the dorks that try to fight us. You cannot sell our information without us giving your information out… you can not censor us without expecting some kind of backlash. This country was built on the smartest, bravest, etc coming here and making a life. We don’t want kings, we don’t want rulers. We don’t want to be told what we can and cannot say ever. We are free people with free will and we will always act as free people with free will. And people like me will have to fight for it while people that fall for gimmicks, catchy words, and brainwashing will maybe one day get an I.Q. over 100 to where they can thank me for saving future generations from the wanna be social tyrants of our generation. Not a single person on this planet wants to be told what to do, so stop telling people what they can say. Stop trying to limit the human will. Stop trying to divide the human race and oneness of God. Because evil needs propaganda, tanks, guns, grenades, and so forth… but good just has to exist and shine it’s light.

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