Bernie Sanders is Excited to Not be the President

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Bernie Sanders, the 78-year-old heart attack survivor and the United States Senator from Vermont, is thrilled to be running for Big Pharma but even more glad that he doesn’t actually have to win and be President.

Seems like Donald J. Trump has the 2020 election on lock as well. Expect another term for the Donald.

The Democratic Party is split in two and high ranking members of their party (Most famously Jeffrey Epstein) have been disappearing while the party fights for a strong candidate and has zero agreed upon platform outside of not like President Trump. You’re going to need a lot more than that to win.

Senator Bernie Sanders is super popular among young people and non-voters. Most of the people that are loud and about their support for Bernie don’t even vote. So his campaign seems big but only compared to the other complete losers trying to get the Democratic nominee.

The Democratic Party should start campaigning for 2024 as far as President and looking for a candidate that can outlive the 4-year term that they are elected.

What do you think? Who are you rooting for?

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