Bad Things Celebrities Did But Everyone “Forgot”

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Vince Neil of Motley Crew drove drunk and killed one of his very good friends and gave the 2 people in the other car very bad injuries and brain damage.

Floyd Mayweather beats his wife with hands that are registered as lethal weapons in front of his children. But because he wins nobody cares.

Jimmy Superfly Snuka killed his girlfriend and got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

R Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old in the mid 90’s and yet it took like two decades for people to start boycotting him as a sexual predator. 

Rick James kidnapped TWO women with his wife while on separate crack binges.

Johnny Cash walked out on his wife and kids saying that his career was more important to him than they were, then went on to eventually settle down with June Carter and start a whole new family while still ignoring the kids he already had.

Steven Tyler became the guardian for a 16 year old he was dating when he was 25 so he could bring her on tour…knocked her up too. Then dropped her off back home pregnant at 17 and addicted to heroin and disappeared.

There was a groupie called Lori Maddox who Jimmy Page started dating when she was 14. David Bowie took her virginity when she was 15, and Mick Jagger gave her cocaine and slept with her while she was still underage. You never hear about any of this.

Elvis Presley and Pricilla age 14. Right out in the public, no one batted an eye. Her parents allowed her to go on a trip under The condition that Elvis pay for a first-class round trip and arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times, and that she write home every day. Elvis agreed to all these demands, and Priscilla flew to Los Angeles. Elvis told her they were going to Las Vegas, and to throw her parents off the scent, he had Priscilla pre-write a postcard for every day they’d be away to be mailed from Los Angeles by a member of his staff.

Piers Morgan was the Editor of the Daily Mirror during the Iraq War, Published photos that he knew were fake of American and British Troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. He was fired but somehow managed to make a successful media career out of it.

Chuck Berry was arrested for crossing state lines with a 14 year old prostitute. He was also recording women in the washroom of the restaurant he owned.

Courtney Love says she gave Ted Nugent a blowjob when she was 12. He also adopted a 17 year old so he could bang her without getting charged with kidnapping. He even wrote a song about avoiding pedophilia charges.

Anthony Kiedis (red hot chili peppers) wrote songs about it too, “Catholic school girls rule” is about his hooking up with a 14 year old at 23.

Marvin Gaye knocked up his wife’s 15 year old niece.

Don Henley (the Eagles) was charged after paramedics found him with two naked girls, aged 15 and 16.

Victor Salva (director) raped a 13 year old boy while he was directing a movie the kid was in. A movie which was nominated for a few awards in fact. Had a bunch of child porn too. Went to jail and almost as soon as he gets out he starts working on Powder.

George Wallace—the infamous pro-segregation Governor of Alabama in the 60s—did not inform his wife that her doctor diagnosed her with cancer (doctors during this time often told patient’s relatives of their cancer diagnosis instead of the patient, especially if the patient was female). The reason was that she was running for governor as a surrogate for him since he had reached his term limits and he thought that the diagnosis would negatively affect her chances of winning. She ended up finding out about it 4 years later during a visit to a gynecologist, but unfortunately, the cancer had progressed to the point that she died from it 3 years after learning that she had cancer and that her husband had known about it.

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