12 Bear Attacks Within 24 hrs in St. Louis, Media Blackout

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By Jacob Peterson

In the last twenty-four hours there’s been a dozen bear attacks within the city limits of St. Louis and no one’s talking about. 

With no media coverage for a community being dismembered and consumed alive, one angry local had this to say, “I bet if the bears were using guns to attack, then we’d get media coverage and the bear traps we so desperately need. But we won’t, because the reality of the situation does not fit the liberal agenda!” 

When visiting the scene of one of these vicious bear attacks I had the chance to talk with one of the victims who said this about the experience, “AAHHHHH, it hurts so fucking bad!” 

It use to be, the only place you had to worry about a bear attack was in The Grove but it looks like times are changing for St. Louis. I’m Jacob Peterson, The Saint Louis Times.

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